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January 2014

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The GreenPoint initiative aims at creating a new environmental figure for the metal sector, especially SMEs with low-qualified workers, in order to foster a green culture in the sector and provide a qualified staff, able to deal with the environmental performance of the enterprises

For 2014, the GreenPoint team wished you an environmental friendly year!
In 2013, our consortium worked on the design of a qualification standard answering the training needs identified in the metal and automotive sectors in order to create the Green Point figure, a worker able to manage environmental issues in the SMEs. On the basis of this qualification standard , we developed the GreenPoint course, made of an online training course and a toolkit, providing new environmental skills to the workers. The course is now online, and is going tested in order to produce its final version and implement it in entreprise. Also, we invite all interested workers, trainers and stakeholders to contact the different project partners to get information on this training programme and to register as a pilot trainee. As usual, we also invite you to share with us your opinion and comments on the project by visiting our website:www.greenpointonline.eu, or writing us to greenpoint@femeval.es. 

Project advancements and activities

GreenPoint course available online for the launch of the pilot training!
After several months of intensive work, partners developed the contents of the GreenPoint course based on the Qualification Standard, already published on our project website. This course is made of the most relevant elements that metal and automotion workers should know in order to manage properly environmental issues at work. Read more about this
Partnership meeting in Heidelberg
GreenPoint partners will meet in Heidelberg on December 12th and 13th. The meeting will be hosted by the German partner of the project, bfw, and will be dedicated to the review of the project advancements and the on-going pilot training. 
 Read more about this news here.

Pilot training course in the UK

In the UK the GreenPoint course has already been trialled by organisations in the automotive and metals sectors. CAV Aerospace is a manufacturer of components for the aerospace industry and carries out precision engineering activities. Chris Carr the Quality Assurance Representative at CAV Aerospace has placed 3 site operatives on the GreenPoint course and says, ‘Our organisation works to the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management and it’s a constant challenge for us to continually improve our environmental systems. The GreenPoint course has given us the opportunity to expand our environmental training programme and communicate to our staff how their choices impact on the company’s environmental performance’. Read more about this news here.

Pilot training course in th Germany

At the end of November, the first piloting of the GreenPoint Course on Environmental Awareness in the Metal Sector in Germany took place in Germany. 10 trainees and two trainers of the Metal training Center of bfw Wetzlar completed the course in a day session. The feedback was positive- most of them stated that they learned quite a lot about how to act and work in a more environmental-friendly way. Read more about this news here.

Related activities
e-SKILL project: environmental skills in the construction sector
This project, in which Equipo Humano is involved as a partner, has reached its end. The final conference hold in Warsaw in September was opportunity to remind the importance of green construction and the recognition of construction qualification Europe wide. It was also for the project partner the occasion to present the e-SKILL course on line, a set of training contents and videos focusing on green construction for low qualified workers. To learn more about this project, click 

ABClean project: making the EU free of Asbestos
The project “LearningMentor” aimed to develop a qualification for learning mentors who serve as the contact person in a company for questions regarding vocational education. As an integral part of the company they have a full understanding of the work requirements and working conditions. To learn more about this project, click 
Guidance Dialogue project
The project RENEWED SKILLS aims to find tools for recognition of non formal and informal competences of low and medium skilled workers in the renewable energy sector. To learn more about this project, click 


GreenPoint project partners:
Fundacion equipo humano
Environmental Academy ITeE-PIB bfw GNFA
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GreenPoint: Development of the GreenPoint Qualification Standard and its implementation in small enterprises of the metal sector.
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