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Directorate General for Tourism

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:: Interview

Marian Muro, Director General for Tourism

Marian Muro, Director General for Tourism, looks back on her first year at the head of the Directorate General for Tourism of the Government of Catalonia. In this interview with FullTurisme she outlines some of the actions to be taken and challenges to be met in the short term, such as the Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia, the revision of legislation aimed at reducing regulatory costs and potential ways to provide a motor for tourism promotion. Muro emphasises that one of her priorities is to continue providing support to businesses and she announces the 'Turisme Futur' (Future Tourism) line of funding. This scheme is organised by the Catalan Finance Institute (ICF) and will offer loans at 0% interest to Catalan SMEs in the tourism sector.


:: Current Topics

Gastronomic pictogram

The Directorate General for Tourism remains committed to projecting the image of Catalonia as a quality, high added-value tourist destination. Within the Tourism Quality System of Catalonia, the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour and the Association of Guest Houses of Catalonia signed a collaboration agreement on 28 December under the terms of which they are to carry out a pilot project that will enable the precise definition of the parameters for culinary specialisation based on the work and reports produced by the Directorate General for Tourism and the Association of Guest Houses of Catalonia last year.


Tourist guides play an essential role in the European integration process and in the projection of Europe abroad. Their role extends far beyond simple guiding or the transmission of information, as they are a human element that helps build bridges between the different cultures that visit our region. In their role as interpreters they must be aware of the way of life, the way of thinking and the way of feeling in the place they work, as well as among their clients. Three elements are essential for the future of tourism: intercultural skills, sustainability and the creation of experiences. The European Union is financing a project with the participation of eight European countries.

Nano Cañas

The 7th Snow and Mountain Tourism World Congress, organised by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Principality of Andorra, in conjunction with the local authority (Comú) of La Massana, will be held on 11 and 12 April 2012 in Andorra. The congress will consider the challenges and opportunities facing snow tourism, the new business models in the sector, innovation and the impact of climate change. There will be a particular focus on the use of ICT, diversification of tourism activities and services, and the new emerging mountain destinations.


:: Subjects to disseminate

Servicios Editoriales Georama

The 3rd University Conference on Religious Tourism, jointly organised by the University of Girona, the University of Barcelona and the Abbey of Montserrat Foundation, will take place at Montserrat on 5 and 6 March.


The first of these conferences took place in 2010 and, based on the topic of 'concepts, types and spaces', it aimed to establish the foundation for future conferences. The second conference looked at symbolism and sacred art. The subject of this third conference will be sacred sites and religious tourism.

Calella, Challenge International Triathlon

In mature tourist destinations, the local authorities use sporting events to reinvigorate tourist numbers and economic activity. This article calculates the economic impact of the Challenge International Triathlon that was held in October 2010 and details the strong and weak points of the event for the region of El Maresme. To summarise the findings of the article, it can be said that a sporting event, in addition to its economic impact in terms of accommodation, catering and trade in the city, can also promote and reposition a mature tourist destination. It can also attract family tourists with high spending power who are also interested in high-quality complementary tourism services. Lastly, based on the data obtained, elements can be seen that will enable the relevant authorities to pinpoint weaknesses in the destination and to improve the product and its promotion.

Alimara Awards Night

The 2012 Alimara Awards recognise quality and innovation of material used in tourism promotion campaigns both by public bodies and private companies in the tourism, hotel and gastronomy sector or other sectors that generated tourism demand during 2011.

facebookFollow the Alimara Awards Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CETTTourismHospitalityEducationResearch and stay up to date with all the news for this year’s awards: which tourism promotion campaigns are nominated, relevant events and other topics of interest.


:: Publications

Policy and Practice for Global Tourism is a guide to the major themes in world tourism today. Through 11 chapters, it presents an overview of a range of topics: sustainable tourism, social networks, emerging markets, creating a successful destination brand, examples of UNWTO’s work in key areas, case studies and opinions from business leaders, destinations management organisations, academics and NGOs.

"Nowadays it is not only products that people seek to 'consume'. The reality of the welfare state and 'advanced' societies mean that prevention, beauty and pleasure play an increasingly important role. This publication presents the conclusions of the mapping and analysis of the Catalan wellness industry and the main trends and consumer profiles". (Extract of the executive summary)

Exhibition picture

The exhibition 'Ferran Adrià and elBulli. Risk, Freedom and Creativity' shows the creative world, the talent and the comprehensive capacity to innovate of Ferran Adrià and the work done at elBulli teamwork. The exhibition will run from 2 February 2012 to 3 February 2013 in the Palau Robert in Barcelona, and will then be shown in New York and London. Parallel to the exhibition, the Palau Robert will be running a programme of educational activities, guided tours, an audiovisual cycle, a presentation of Designation of Origin agricultural products and the 'Thinking about Art Today' master’s degree module at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. (Extract of “The Palau Robert unveils the creative universe of Ferran Adrià”)

La actividad turística española en 2010

This yearbook summarises tourism activity during 2010. It follows the structure of previous editions, but with a few new additions. In the section on different types of tourism, it analyses sports and active tourism, health tourism, religious tourism and wine tourism. In the terminology section, it includes terms related to the interoperability of tourism information systems, a strong service-oriented approach and corporate reputation. In the section on legislation, the transposition of the Bolkestein Directive receives special mention. (Extract from the review by Editorial universitaria Ramon Areces .)


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