Multilingual training courses in NRW management.

In PROWAT an elearning tool has been created for heterogeneous target groups, mainly managers, engineers and technicians dealing with techniques and technology of NRW management, and operation and maintenance of a network in their everyday life. The Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) platform has been adopted as a flexible environment to organize the didactic resources and supporting appropriate learning activities for the different target users.

The objective is to provide training in order to develop an appropriately resourced and competently trained workforce, central to the success of any organization. The training gives the opportunity to update some basic skills and also provides learning opportunities in all engineering and technical issues of water loss reduction and control for professional development through continuous discussions with other practitioners in the same sector. This non-formal learning activity will help to improve the quality of the services provided to the customers. The training pulls together the key best practice essentials and outline technical understanding behind this vital activity.

The structure of the course is based on a modular concept, meaning that the section and units of the course can be used independently, according to the participantsí needs and wishes.

The following modules have been developed:

  • Introduction
  • Module A - A basic guide to the assessment, reduction and control of losses from water distribution systems
  • Module B - Introduction to the technical issues of water loss
  • Module C - Water and water distribution systems
  • Module D - Assessing water loss and the application of performance indicators
  • Module E -†Developing and implementing a water loss reduction strategy and introduction to the economics of leakage
  • Module F - †Requirements for ensuring the sustainability of water loss reduction programmes
  • Module G - Key components of leakage reduction, control and pipe maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement
  • Module H - Key components of apparent or commercial losses
  • Module I†- Demand management and water efficiency plans
  • Module J -†Case Studies

The training modules also include, quizzes and exercise to test the reached knowledge

The proposed teaching and learning methodology within PROWAT is based on the following adult learning principles:
The learning is self-directed.
It fills an immediate need and is highly participatory.
Learning is experiential (i.e., participants and the trainer learn from one another).
Time is allowed for reflection and corrective feedback.
A mutually respectful environment is created between trainer/tutor and participants.
A comfortable environment is provided.

Central in the course is therefore the participant which is an active learner who builds knowledge through social interaction with others (students and trainer) within a context driven by own motivation. The courses can be delivered with a mixture of face to face learning (in the class room or distant learning online via the internet). This is commonly known as blended learning. The composition of which depends on the training provider.

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